Herbert M. Sandler

Herb Sandler, a businessman and philanthropist, passed away on June 5, 2019.  Obituary and Photos.

Herb and his wife Marion Sandler operated Golden West Financial Corporation from 1963 to 2006. Golden West was a successful, risk-averse residential mortgage portfolio lender that focused on making high quality loans and had the lowest loan losses in the industry over a 40+ year period. The Sandlers, who are committed to giving away their wealth philanthropically, have contributed more than $1.3 billion to the Sandler Foundation.

An oral history of Herb and Marion’s life is available at UC Berkeley’s Oral History Center.

Herb Sandler grew up in New York’s Lower East Side, graduated from the City College of New York in 1951 and Columbia Law School in 1954. After graduation from law school, he worked for the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor and as an attorney at a small law firm in lower Manhattan. Herb married Marion Osher in 1961 and they moved to California in their early 30’s, with Marion convinced they could run their own savings and loan more effectively than others.

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